Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Apartment Tour: Dining Room

Our dining room is not really supposed to be a dining room. On the floorplans for the apartments it's actually a den or something. The room is pretty small so if we had a huge dining set, it definitely wouldn't fit. But our dining table is small and it's just a better fit for us to have that space be a dining room, not a den. This room also has a little bit of overflow from the kitchen. We keep our toaster oven on a microwave stand in the corner. We don't have room for it in the kitchen and we needed to keep it somewhere.

Future Plans: We need something up on the walls, definitely. We're also thinking about taking out one of the chairs and pushing the table up against the wall with the window. Then we'll get a small hutch or buffet to put in there to hold some of our overflow dishes from the kitchen.

Design Delimmas: None really. The space is small which poses a bit of a challenge, but really we don't use the space a lot so it's not a big deal.

By the way, those things on the far wall are wall decals. I got a bunch of them for like $1 each at the Christmas Tree Shoppe. I put them up in a few places and they looked great but for some reason in the dining room they kept falling off the wall. Eventualy my cat chewed them up and I had to throw them out.

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