Monday, October 19, 2009

Apartment Tour: The Living Room

Our living room is big, but narrow and we've been having a hard time trying to figure out where to put the furniture. There is one large wall with the fireplace on it, which is also where we have the tv set up. The opposite wall has a small wall space but is mostly made up of our "snack bar" area. There are two cable jacks in the living room, one on the big wall, one on the small wall. When we had the cable activated, we had it done on the big wall and put the tv there (this was before our furniture had been delivered). Well now you can see it's way to crowded with the furniture arranged the way it is, and the tv looks completely lost on that giant wall.

Future Plans: We have moved the chair over in front of the window and I like it there. We'd like to move the couch to the big wall next to the fire place and move the tv over next to the bar area. I would have done this already except we've hit a snag in the plan. Time Warner Cable only activated the cable jack on the big wall and to have them come and activate the other cable jack so we can move the tv will cost us $50. I'm having a hard time with paying them $50 so we can move the table 5 feet. We are also looking for some art for the walls but are having a hard time finding things we like that we think are also a good size for the space, and are in our budget!
Design Dilemmas: The space is narrow and it's difficult to get the furniture arranged so it's less crowded and the space is more utilized. And while this isn't really a design dilemma, Time Warner Cable is really holding us back here!

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