Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Apartment Tour Part 1

I’m going to kick the new blog off with a tour of our new apartment. Each post I’ll do a different room. I’ll upload pictures of what the room looks like right now and describe any future plans or design dilemmas we have.

First up: The Second Bath

I’m starting with the second bath because it’s the room that needs the least help. We are pretty much done in here except for a few pictures or wall hangings and maybe some curtains that we are still looking for. It’s a small bathroom off of our office. We humans don’t actually use it much, we mostly use it as a room for the cats. They have their litterbox and their food bowls in there. Both of our bathrooms have a Blue/White/Tan/Brown beachy design scheme going on (Or at least that’s what we try for).

The bathroom also has a corner shower stall that's to the left of the door. It's impossible to take a picture of because the bathroom is so small. And really, it's just a shower, nothing fancy.

Future Plans: We need to find some pictures or wall hangings but we're having a hard time finding what we're looking for. None of the stores are really carrying beach themed decorations seeing as we're approaching the Holidays. I'm also thinking I'm going to get some curtains or other window covering in here. That window looks pretty bare.

Design Dilemmas: None. But we do have one functional dilemma: There is no place in this bathroom to put our cats' water fountain, right now it's in the office, just outside the bathroom.

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